About Me

Hi, I'm Aya!

With a wealth of experience in IT systems, from programming to networking, I have a passion for technology systems and implementation of the best solutions I can find.

I have worked with IT Systems in both retail and education settings and I understand the vast difference in the handling of IT systems in different organisational environments.

Utilising this well of experience I can adapt my work to fit a variety of workplace environments.

My Resume

  • Work History

  • Software Development Intern

    Softwire London - Summer 2021

    Taken on at Softwire Ltd in London for a Summer Internship. This internship involved the development of a new feature for an existing Mobile App and a pre-existing large code-base.
    The development process used Kotlin, Swift, SwiftUI, and TypeScript to develop a multi-platform application for both Android and iOS as well as the creation of a Middle Layer API written in Typescript.
    The development process took place under Agile project management and was managed using Git version control.

  • Academic Mentor

    Kingston University - September 2020 - Present

    Mentor and Teaching Assistant to first year students

    Assisting in the teaching of First Year students on Computer Science, Media Tech, and Cyber Security courses. Working in group sessions and one-to-ones with students assisting them with their work and providing guidance. Aiding the lecturers in managing larger groups of students in workshop situations.

  • Network Technician

    Severn Academies Education Trust - July 2018 - August 2019

    Following a centralisation of the IT Team within the Trust, my responsibilities were expanded to also support another High School and five Primary Schools.

    Oversaw and assisted in full network re-installs of all seven schools within the trust, including learning the current network, and installing, implementing, and programming of entirely new networks. This involved a lot of switch installs and programming, cable running, network map creation, and large scale OS and software deployments using WDS, PDQ, and DeployStudio.

  • ICT Technician

    Baxter College - February 2018 - July 2018

    ICT Technician for a High School that involved regular repair of computers in a classroom setting. General day-to-day maintenance and updating of virtual servers and their physical hosts.

    Regular use of Active Directory, MDT, WDS, and PDQ Software Deployment Systems.

  • Manager for IT and Marketing Departments

    The Wash House Ltd - February 2016 - November 2017

    Re-hired to assist in the creation and management of a sister company's website, as well as re-obtaining all previous responsibilities within The Wash House.
    Tasked with eventually implementing and training staff on a new EPOS system that required mastery of the software in a two-week period.

  • IT Apprentice, Website Maintenance and Graphic Design

    The Wash House Ltd - May 2013 - December 2016

    Brought on as an Apprentice to assist in the redesign of a new company website, utilising Wordpress and Woocommerce. Also received responsibilities in Marketing including designing advertising and marketing campaigns, operation of Social Media, and creation of promotional graphic materials.
    Left due to redundancy.

  • Education

  • Bachelors Degree - Computer Science (hons)

    Kingston University - 2019 - Present

    Third year Bachelors Degree student with a focus on Full Stack Development and Mobile App Development

    First year results:

    Programming 1: First

    Computing Fundamentals: First

    Requirements Analysis and Design: First

    Professional Environments: First

    Second year results:

    Programming 2: First

    Computing Systems: First

    Database Driven Application Development: First

    Professional Environments 2: First

  • National Diploma - Acting and Performing Arts

    Kidderminster College - 2009 - 2011

    Distinction Merit Merit
    Gained experience in public performance, musical performance, public speaking and TV production.

  • GCSE

    Baxter College - 2006 - 2009

    All GCSE's passed

Computer Science educational videos

A series of educational lecture-style videos made to aid new Computer Science students with the Fundamentals of their studies

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